Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Christmas Cards

Of course, Pinterest was my lifesaver this Christmas when I had the (way too late) idea of making my own Christmas cards. My hubby had some really awesome photos from Christmas last year that I wanted to print and put on the cards in a really hip, really fancy, really creative way. Really never happened. When it occurred to me just how much work (and money) it would've cost to put them together, I bailed. But the pics are super pretty, aren't they?

So back to Pinterest I went for other (read: easier) ideas. I came across a few that featured some round "ornaments" created with various papers. So I dug into my old wrapping paper stash, pulled out some rolls, grabbed some silvers sharpies I had on hand, some stencils from a previous project, and a a 1 1/2" round punch that I used for my wedding "save-the-dates", which I thought for sure I would never use again. Glad I was proven wrong!

All I needed was cards! Rather than make my own (I only had navy blue card stock and various shades of white art paper) I went to Michaels and found some pretty maroon cards and envelopes packaged together for cheap and snatched them up.


Round paper punch

Pretty little circles!

Glued them on with a glue stick

I ended up freehand drwaing the ornament "caps" and string.  I also had to stencil the letters with a pencil first and then filled in with the silver sharpie.

I need a logo stat!

Here are the two "pinspirations"! If I had given myself enough time I totally would've gotten more creative with the ribbon and bows and jewels, etc. Next time!

Homemade Christmas Cards
Christmas Card Projects

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