Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Crib Teething Covers

Ok. I'll admit I haven't done that well in keeping up with my little blog world here. But, let's be real, who's got time to write with a full-time job, a baby, a husband, and two dogs?? Well, I'm going to do my damnedest, people! I'm aiming for a new post every other week or so. We'll see how that goes...

This one's for all you new mommy's out there. Got a teething baby? Not yet? You will. And when you do, this will happen.

We were quite prepared for Little Dude's teething episodes, but for whatever reason, I guess we figured he would only have a taste for the front of the crib. Turns out he doesn't discriminate.

So in an effort to waylay any more damage, and to reduce the amount of wood that gets stuck to those pinchable cheeks, I grabbed some inexpensive fleece and went to town.

Yes, that's right. That half a yard of fleece cost me a whopping $2. Pay no mind to the fact that I paid the same price for two pieces of candy as I did the fleece. Not sorry.

For me?? 

I have it folded in half lengthwise here. You'll want to measure your crib sides to know where to cut your fleece.

My crib sides are about 26" long from the inside of the first rail to the inside of the last rail.

Drape it in half over your crib rail. Mine was a little short, but it's okay, because the beauty of fleece is in stretchiness (and thank goodness for that!). Here's where it gets tricky and where I screwed up. Measure each slat and the open space in between each slat. You'll be cutting two different types of strips into the fleece.  One is your "tie strip" which gets tied in the openings between each slat.  The other is the "excess strip" which will hang where each slat lays (you'll cut the excess later and tuck it up). When you cut your "tie strips", you'll want each tie strip to fall right in the middle of each opening between the slats.  These should be fairly narrow.

See how wide my strips are?  They should've alternated between being very narrow (tie strips), and very wide (excess strips).  You'll see why.

Here you can sort of see how my "tie strips" are too wide and therefore will pull against the vertical slats once they're tied.  I'm not very good with spacial stuff and all that jazz. Give me simple crafts and I'm a happy girl, but make me do math-type stuff... no bueno.

See how each tie is sitting right against the slat and the excess isn't centered over the slat?  That's why you want your tie straps to be narrow.  Here's where the stretch of the fabric helps.

Tie all of your strips off and cut off the extra length.  Next cut the in between excess strips, leaving about a half an inch of fleece, then just tuck that extra up under the cover. 

Yay! No more chomping!  

Until next time, when I'll be creating a super cute birthday craft for Little Dude's upcoming 1st birthday.

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